Day Two


Today you will do research to find out:
  1. Where in the world are the Philippines (geography)?
  2. What are some ways people get places in the Philippines (transportation)?
  3. What you can buy at the market?
  4. What is a school in Santa Maria, Pangasinan, Philippines like?

The Process


  1. Click on the link to go to Kids InfoBits.
  2. Work with your class to follow the directions in your WebQuest journal.
  3. Link: Geography


  1. Watch the movie "Transportation" below.
  2. Name four kinds of transportation that are used in the Philippines.

The Market:

  1. Watch the movie "The Market" below.
  2. Name four things that people can buy at the market.


  1. Watch the movie "School in Santa Maria" below.
  2. Write what you noticed about the school.


Congratulations! Thanks for joining me in learning about the Philippines and what it is like to live there. I hope some day you get a chance to visit the Philippines yourself.
Mrs. Andrada